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Buy Direct from Mexico! (Sources, Names, & Addresses)

Dear Friends & Customers,
Before you get down the names and addresses of Mexico Wholesale Houses, I want to give you some El Paso Saddleblanket Merchandise updates...
For the 2022 year we are updating many of our lines! You will see new designs in some popular products like the Southwest Style Bedspreads, the Go West Travel & Weekender Bags, and so much more.  Also, be on the look out for new pillows, purses, beaded items, knives, and also a  few surprises!
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As always, if you have any questions we are here to answer them!
Happy Trails,
Dusty Henson, owner & founder (college drop-out and C-student)
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Ways to Buy El Paso Saddleblanket Products

1. Wholesale Catalog for Stores and Dealers to purchase the regular line of El Paso Saddleblanket products for resale. A $300.00 minimum order with proof of business (such as Sales Tax resale license or business license) required. Request your FREE Wholesale Catalog!, Tel: 1-800-351-7847

2. Online Wholesale Website for Stores and Dealers wishing to buy special offers of Closeouts, Overstock, & One-of-a-Kind El Paso Saddleblanket products. A $300.00 minimum order and proof of business is required.

3. Visit Us in El Paso, TX! Our huge WHOLESALE ONLY warehouse is just minutes from the El Paso International Airport. Proof of Business (Resale Tax ID) required and  minimum order of $300. Open Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm MST.  Give us a call for more information ~ (800) 351-7847.


Mexico Wholesale Sources

Let me start by listing some major wholesalers and manufacturers here on the American side of the Rio Grande in El Paso, Texas. I would guess you all will end up buying 97% of what you need on this side of the border after you weigh everything up. I have known the people on this El Paso list an average of 25 years and can certainly recommend all of them. As always, in Mexico and other foreign countries "you're on your own!!" Never the less, further below are the names of some Mexico wholesalers as well. I will give you some very valuable tips and "dos & don'ts" of importing and exporting.

  • Rocket Buster Boots - "Movie Star" Custom Cowboy Boots, top of the line handmade Cowboy & Cowgirl boots. Owners: Navina Christy & Marty Snortum. 115 S. Anthony, El paso, TX Tel. 915-541-1300
  • Riata Castings - HUGE foundry, wholesale distributors in cast aluminum EVERYTHING! Outdoor furniture, lamp posts, fountains, etc. Lots of things!! 
  • Ruddock Shirt Co - The most famous cowboy shirts in America. Sold in about every western store in the U.S. and Canada. Made in El Paso, TX; 4th generation of shirt makers. Thousands of styles of shirts!! 1801 Magoffin Ave. El Paso, TX 79901
  • El Paso Chile Co. - World famous chile sauces and Mexican food products. Owner: World Famous Cookbook Author, Park Kerr. An El Paso Institution & Worldwide Shipper. El Paso, TX 79901 Tel. 915-544-3434
  • El Paso Imports Rustic Furniture - Rustic Furniture from Mexico. Home office for their 15 stores! 311 Montana St. El Paso, TX Tel. 915-542-4241
  • El Paso Connection - Low price Mexican furniture & pottery. 14301 Gateway West El Paso, TX Tel. 915-852-0898


There are about 8 or 10 various Big Wholesalers here in El Paso that sell a lot of Mexican Gift products, clothing, furniture of all kinds & cowboy boots. Tony Lama, Cowtown, Champion Boots, J.B. Hill, Justin; all have big wholesale stores here. El Paso has cheap hotel rates, good food, sunshine, gambling, clubs, wholesale shopping, great entertainment.

Whatever you want you can probably get in this beautiful exciting, HOT border town! Come enjoy a relaxed open attitude place. You'll always have FUN in El Paso, we have a lot of customers that come to El Paso at least once a month to stock up, you'll love it!


Buying From Mexico

Juarez, Mexico is across the Rio Grande river in El Paso. The bridge can be walked over in about 20 minutes with you leaving your car near the bridge on the American side.

There is usually a little wait time to cross into Mexico, but can be up to an hour and a half. I would say a 30 to 45 minute wait would be average depending on the time of day.

Last summer people were passing out from heat exhaustion until they finally put up some canvas for shade. Trust me, you do not want to drive or take your car into Mexico. Your best bet is to walk over and back in the day. Food is much better and it's safer on the El Paso side, it's the same culture. El Paso is about 85% Hispanic and the majority of the population are bilingual.

In Juarez, don't trust taxi drivers, police, or people coming up to you wanting to be a guide. Stay on the main streets and watch for crowds of kids playing close to you or who come up in a group, keep your back to a wall always. Watch if someone accidentally spills something on you and someone rushes to help you. Also, I wouldn't recommend buying gold or silver jewelry.


In the "good old days", Juarez Ave. in Juarez was a jumping good time, busy place. Now most of the strip (Juarez Ave.) is pharmacies, shoe stores, dangerous Discos and bars that cater to underage American kids and many buildings are vacant and crumbling. There are a lot of drug dealers and gang activity. HOWEVER, there are some small time curio and souvenir dealers.

  • Casa Gales - 148 Juarez Ave.
  • Tony's Curios - 383 Juarez Ave.
  • Boots Don Vigo - 475 Juarez Ave.
  • California Rocks - 630 Juarez Ave.
  • Apache Leather - 637 Juarez Ave.
  • Tipico Market - 300 Juarez Ave. (various small stalls)
  • Bob's Boots - 505 Juarez Ave.

Juarez City Market - (not much English is spoken)

Ave. 16th de Septiembre, about a 1 1/2 mile walk.

This place attracts some tourists and you have a bunch of phony "want to be exporters" in the market that don't know anything about all the international documents required to cross the merchandise. This could be a BIG PROBLEM for you. Always, check with you Customs Broker before buying anything to export!! All merchandise entering the U.S. must be clearly stamped and marked "Made in Mexico".

Cuauhtemoc Market

2 blocks west on Ave. 16th de Septiembre from the intersection of Ave. Juarez & Ave. 16th de Septiembre.

The city market is for tourist, this market is for the locals. Open air market for meat, fish, fruit, etc.

El Patio Ave. Lincoln #787

Large outdoor store & market featuring low end furniture and tile. Cheap flower pots, plaster animals.

Pueblito Mexicano Mall

1 mile south of Bridge of the Americas

Beautiful building that has never been even half full. A couple of gift shops, a good restraunt and a large Grocery Store.

J.J. Market

Ave. Lopez Mateos #479

Mexican Arts & Crafts store, a lot of Mexican dresses, boots, and small cheap curios. 20% discount for wholesale, but WARNING: you will need a licensed customs broker to declare your imports. It's not worth it unless you are buying large truck loads. You must hire a Bonded Mexican Trunk and driver to haul your merchandise.

Decor - (some English spoken)

Corner of Ave. Ignacio Mejia and Ave. Lincoln

Some glass and ceramic tile, jewelry, and boots. Again, you must have everything labeled "Made in Mexico". Be especially careful with any textile products as some may require a Textile Visa which can be difficult to obtain. Be careful with counterfeit items and "knock-offs", some gold and silver jewelry in Juarez is plated and not solid.

Casa Mendoza

Behind the City Market

One of the better places to buy ceramic ashtrays, dishes, Mexican toys, and dolls. Always be honest with your receipts as Customs Agents will now the Market Value of most arts & crafts.


Juarez Pharmacies (Farmacias)

Drugs (the legal ones) are often 25-40% less in Mexico than in the U.S.. Prescriptions are not needed for things like Tagamet and antibiotics. Most are made by Mexican subsidiaries of large multinational pharmaceutical companies, so quality control is good. There seems to be a Farmacia on every corner. U.S. Customs regulations state that you can only cross the amount of a prescription for personal use back into the U.S. and that you should have a copy of the prescription.


General Information & Suggestions

Talk to your U.S. Customs Broker in El Paso BEFORE you purchase anything in Mexico. Whatever you do, DO NOT try to use your personal $400.00 limit to cross any merchandise you plan to sell and DO NOT make multiple trips crossing merchandise as all of this is a Federal Offense and U.S. Customs have no tolerance or pity for even the small-time smuggler. If you should ever be questioned by U.S. Customs, tell the absolute truth and it's "Yes Sir, No Sir" ALWAYS.

Beware of Mexican police and the Mexican Custom Inspectors as you are both entering and leaving Mexico.

REPEAT! I suggest you do not drive your car into Mexico, but if you should, it's a good idea to scrub your car tires and wheels before you cross back into the U.S. If a dog in Mexico should pee on your tires, it can drive the Drug Sniffing dogs crazy and you could be in for a long hassle with the American Inspectors. Do not take pets into Mexico. Do not wear watches or jewelry, keep money in your front pocket, and do not take guns into Mexico or you are in BIG trouble.

I have tried to be fair, objective, and honest in this newsletter. You should always be extra careful in border towns like El Paso, Tijuana, Laredo, or Nogales. If you ever plan to be an importer you need to learn Spanish and the customs of a different country.


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Brenda Carrasco - November 9, 2023

Dusty and Bonnie are so cool, I wish I still lived in El Paso, I think my life would have been different.
I love that they are so generous, they even tell people how to become importers if they want, which most people wouldn’t be kind enough to give their contacts to others, competition and all, you know.
I’m going to try and figure out how to resell stuff and buy stuff for the flea market here!

K Young - October 14, 2022

Dusty – Thanks for all the “straight talk” blogs and cool product. I buy regularly from EPS for our shop and my clients in Northern California. .
Do you know where I can order black or bronze iron metal garden or altar crosses in Mexico? Looking for larger size, 12-36"H

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