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New Product Alert: Laptop Bags!

Our All-New Laptop Bags are now in!! Available in two convenient sizes and fashioned in popular western and southwest designs.

More designs available in catalog and on website:

Our Small Laptop Bag is ideal for laptops sized up to 13 inches or tablets, the bag measures approximately 10.5" x 14" x 1.5".  It contains one large compartment with an inside accessories pocket and has a zipper closure and Velcro handles.


Small Laptop Bag #116 with tablet


Small Laptop Bag #116, accessories pocket


Small Laptop Bag, modeled


Our Large-sized Laptop Bags will comfortably fit any laptop up to 16 inches. It includes a large compartment with an inside zippered accessories pocket and a large padded pocket with Velcro strap.  It has a zippered closure, Velcro handles, and a removable adjustable shoulder strap.  Approximately sized at 14" x 17" x 2.5".


Large Laptop Bag #300, inside zipper pocket


Large Laptop Bag #300, inside Velcro pocket


Large Laptop Bag #300, modeled


 The popularity of laptop bags has grown over the last decade with the increase of technology in the workplace and home life.  Basic everyday errands can now all be performed on a computer and many people worldwide have adapted this lifestyle.  The laptop bag makes it very convenient to work from anywhere with all you're needed accessories and tools right at your fingertips in a well-padded bag specifically designed for these electronics.

For you and your store, we recommend carrying both sizes giving your customers an option.  If your business is located in a tourist town, it is important to note that many tourists usually travel with something small like a tablet.  It is easier and lighter to carry and takes up less luggage space.  The younger generation also lean towards the thinner and smaller models of laptops or tablets, which our small size would be ideal for.  On the other hand, generally speaking, the older generation tend to prefer the larger laptops.  They are able to see the screen better, navigate the programs easier, and use them primarily at a fixed spot in their home.  On the occasions when they need to carry the laptop with them or travel with it, our large size bag would work perfectly.

 With the intricacy of the designs and the vibrancy of the colors, we recommend displaying the Laptop Bags on a double-sided standing bag display rack, as opposed to stocking them horizontally on a shelf.  This way the eye-catching designs can be easily seen.  Place the display rack in the sight line of the front door, towards the center of the sales floor.  This will help attract customers into the heart of your store.  They will be walking through all of your other merchandise and get a good look at everything you have to offer. 

We anticipate big things for this new product line, and we know they will do well for you!  Our goal is to help you and your business succeed!!

Have thoughts or recommendations?  Let us know what you think!

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