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SELL ONLINE! Where to Sell Online & How to Set Up Shop

With everything going on in the world right now (especially here in the states), we wouldn't be surprised if your business is starting to feel the impact. As a small business your livelihood and those of your workers depend on being open and making sales.

Below are some tips and links on how to start online selling.  There are multiple outlets that you can try whether on social media or websites designed specifically for selling.  Already selling on one of them?  Try doing a combination of different sites!  Target your customers and future customers from all angles.


Social Media Outlets to Sell From

To sell on Facebook all you need to have is an active business page and then follow the steps at the link below! You can easily load up your entire store catalog:

Instagram is another social media platform that is a great place to sell.  More and more individuals are using Instagram nowadays and they find it very convenient to shop from.  To learn how to set up an Instagram Shop, click here:

Active on Pinterest? You can sell on this platform too! This one does require you to already have an e-commerce site, but it's a great way to get more people to notice you.  All you have to do is set up a business page.  Learn more about getting started & perfecting your pins here -->

E-Commerce Websites

Are you crafty? Do you use El Paso Saddleblanket products to create your own goods to sell? If so, you should be selling on Etsy if you're not already.  Click here to learn how to open up your very own Etsy shop:

 Amazon is probably the largest selling website at the moment (and for the foreseeable future).  If you are interested in joining the retail giant, you can find all the information on how to get started here -- >

eBay is no longer just for selling unwanted items you have around the house.  Many businesses are now using it as a a great platform to sell from.  This website may also be good if you are just starting out.  Learn how to start selling here -


Interested in doing something bigger?  Open your own website!

In this day and age you can find "easy" e-commerce platforms to get set up.  Some of the better ones for this year are:





When selling anything online it's important to keep in mind a few of things.

Make sure you choose the right products for online selling.  If it's too large or odd shaped, it will be more of a hassle to ship.  You'd have to find the appropriate packaging, and shipping costs would most likely go up.  Would you absorb the additional costs or reflect them to your customer?  Something to think about...

Pictures and descriptions are key for online sales.  If your pictures aren't adequate or your descriptions are too vague your customers may not feel confident buying your product.  They want to know exactly what they are paying for since they can't see the product in person.

Make the shopping experience as simple as possible.  Direct your customers where they need to go and straight to what they are looking for.  Titles of categories and products should be easily understood and all shop policies should be easily found.


Have any questions or concerns? Give us a call! 1.800.652.9170, or email us at

Times are tough but we're all in this together! And please know that the El Paso Saddleblanket crew is always here for you!


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David McCleery - November 9, 2023

If I set up a eCommerce website, or Facebook etc., how do I sell/deliver the items? Do you drop-ship them or do I need a physical inventory?

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