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HOLIDAY FAVORITE! Santa Fe Weaving Combo! WHOLESALE $14.83 ea!

Code: 20050957

$267.00 each package
Hurry and order today as this is another special that can only be purchased through the auction. At this price, you wont be disappointed. Remember to order now, as the specials that are popping up, wont be up for long. This package contains the following by Daniel:

This package contains: (Best Seller Catagory)

12 - 20"x40" Santa Fe Style Acrylic Weavings.(10.50)

6 - 32"x64" Hacienda Style Acrylic Weavings.(23.50)

This package is a great special that you can't let pass you buy. These items are great sellers and will be for you too!! If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me, Daniel @ 1-800-652-9170