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Customer Experience's with El Paso Saddleblanket. Co.


"These covers make a great addition to the Western section of our store. Nicely made. I recommend buying 2 of each chosen pattern so that people can put one on either end of their sofa. Can't get to the Southwest as often as I'd like and these guys make it easy to bring the West to us!"


cats Paw Designs



I received the products you sent me yesterday.

Looking at the products in person, they are much cooler and more attractive than we thought. 

I'm sure our customers will love them, too!

I will try to share the feelings we felt when I first saw your brand with many people in Korea. Thank you for allowing me to introduce your brand. 

I will contact you when I order again. I hope you are doing well in the meantime!


Thank you.


Kind regards

Ju Hyuck Jeong


Thank you so much. I just wanted to follow up and pass along that we appreciate you guys. The order came in and the sombreros are PERFECT.


Kind regards,




“….I know you guys probably hear this kind of stuff all of the time but I just want to say thank you for doing what you do. When I wanted to start selling southwestern blankets and whatnot, I really had no idea where to start or what to do. Then I found you guys. I was being such a pain with the first order, shipping prices, and parcel delay questions and all that, but you all were so helpful and glad to be of service. Thank you. Even though you guys have customers around the globe, you made me feel like I was your only customer in the whole world!! I can’t imagine a better supplier! Anyway, here’s to many more opportunities to work together in the future, Than you very much!....."

Co. 808



"....A big thank you to all the folks that made my visit yesterday a wonderful experience. The showroom is beautiful and also overwhelming for a first time visitor.  As a matter of fact so much so I forgot to look at some products that my wife wanted me to look at.  Next time.  We love the new Dream Catcher mugs. They are really beautiful. The only bad thing about the trip, which you have no control over, is the road repair on I-10 West, ugh...."

Fantastic Designs 




"I just got my first shipment and I am blown away by the beauty and quality of the articles I bought. "

 Turtle Bag



Bull Mountain, Oklahoma

OK, thanks. The saddle blankets are gorgeous!

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